Thursday, 22 December 2011

Holiday Hair

How to wear your hair on holidays and what products to pack

The best way to pack is lightly when travelling. Guys are lucky, all they need is shampoo, one product and maybe a straightening iron at the most. But for girls theres also brushes treatments, products, clips, hairdryers and other bulky items.

When holidaying I want to be as low maintenance as possible. I don't want to be blowdrying my hair everyday. I wear my hair wavy or if I want to wear it straight I make sure I get a Keratin treatment before I head off so its easy to style while I'm away.

With both these options theres a way to limit taking up space in your luggage.
You can use a cleansing conditioner so you don't need to pack both shampoo and conditioner try Wen by Chaz Dean. Or if you don't like that most brands have tester size bottles you can try from salons. Get some of those, or if you already have some small bottles, transfer your products into the smaller sizes.

I would suggest taking a leave in hair moisturiser (try Redken leave in detangling spray or for something heavier try Redken Smoothing Cream)

And the only equipment I would take would be a wide toothed comb, a straightening iron and a butterfly clip.

If you still have room then you can add whatever other products are your favourites, but that should be all you need.

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