Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Essential Product for Blondes!

One of the first problems I blogged about was Brassy Blondes and how to prevent that problem.
Since then I've been getting feedback from clients telling me that they love these ideas but when using a toning shampoo have found that it dries out their already damaged hair somewhat.

Since then I've discovered an amazing new product which I believe trumps the rest!

In the Redken Blonde Glam range there are two after care treatments to be used on either cool blondes or warm blondes to enhance your colour. For Platinum Blondes use "Perfect Platinum" (or cool or ash blondes) this product tones out any yellow or brass. And for Golden Blondes use "Rich Vanilla" (or warm blondes) use this treatment to soften you colour and keep it radiant. Make sure your read the label and follow it directly. Don't leave them on your hair too long as they are quite strong.

If you do leave one in too long then remember the other one will help to counteract that colour.
For example, if you leave the Perfect Platinum in too long and it becomes slightly pink, use the Rich Vanilla after and the pink will get toned away. Or, alternatively you could mix a drop of the Rich Vanilla when about to apply Perfect Platinum to create a less strong tone. But only do this if you feel confident with the products and how well you know your hair.

They are my new favourites for my blonde clients. Try them out and let me know what you think

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