Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sea Salt Spray!

Sea Salt Spray, Ocean Spritz, Salt Water Hair Products!
My favorite product out there! Giving your hair body and texture without making it greasy. It’s primarily used to enhance the curl or wave in your hair and give you a sexy beach look. But if you spray it moderately into your roots before blow-drying it is a fantastic body builder! It gives your style amazing long lasting volume. It’s a water based product with salt, so it actually absorbs the oil in your hair adding days to your blow-dry.

So what brand should you buy? Well you can't really get it wrong. They're all great. I even worked with a hairdresser once who lived up in the Central Coast of NSW and would fill a spray bottle up at McMasters beach. Apparently it was a great salt to water ratio. He used the spray like liquid gold in the salon.

So no matter what you try, please enjoy this product. Its one of my go-to's


  1. Vanessa I've been using this with the new cut as suggested and it's perfect for fine hair... great texture withough weight..

    Jen x

  2. So glad it's working for you Jen x