Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Strength and solutions for fine, weak hair

One of the questions I've been hearing often over the years from my clients is "How do I make my hair thicker? Not just when I'm styling it but every day..."

There are many reasons why some peoples hair is thicker than others. A lot of the time its just that everyones hair is different. Some people have thick hair and some have fine. But there are ways to take care of yourself and your hair if you do want to improve the strength, shine and density of your hair in the long term.

First of all, diet. Make sure you have a diet full of protein, iron and vitamins. So obviously more meats and veges but if you're a vegetarian then nuts, eggs and fish are also very important to your hair. Vitamin B complex, C and a multi vitamin is also going to be helpful.

There is also an amazing mineral supplement called Silica which, when taken daily, greatly improves hair strength, elasticity and shine. It also is great for the strength of your skin and nails and even prevents against wrinkles.

Secondly, products. For styling, a Sea Salt Spray or the Karpati Natural Hair Care Volumiser are going to improve thickness and texture when blowdrying or even letting the hair dry naturally.
For a great product that externally treats the hair so it will maintain strength and thickness and prevents against balding and thinning in a noninvasive fashion is the Activance range. I highly recommend the Hair Stimulant Spray and the Shampoo in this range. I have recommended it to many clients and even tested it out on myself and it helps even if your hair isn't thinning. I also found that my hair was less frizzy.

Lastly, treatments. Protein and Keratin treatments are so helpful in strengthening your hair.

Please try one or all of these if you wish for stronger, thicker and shinier hair. I hope to hear some great feedback.

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