Sunday, 11 March 2012

What Hair Extensions are the best?

Have you ever had hair extensions? The are such a fun way to cheat! You can have Long, Thick Hair overnight. They're fantastic, but...... Extremely high maintenance and if you want the best quality they can be extremely expensive and you can pay as much as $3000 for a maximum period of 6 months.

There are some things you should now when choosing which extensions are best for you.

Firstly remember, when you are regularly getting any type of extensions please remember to give your hair and scalp a break every now and then. Having an extra set of strands on top of yours can get heavy and weaken the follicle roots over extended periods and the result can lead to hair loss or thinning.

Secondly, types of extensions:

Great Lengths bonded strands. These are amazing great quality extensions that work best on courser darker hair. The look natural and are easy to manage and can last up to 6 months. The don't put complete strain on a concentrated area of your scalp and follicles. However in some cases where the hair is finer, or frizzier naturally, they can matt up over time and be quite painful to remove. So if you go down this path remember to take good care to wash and comb your hair well. Only getting them styled at a hairdresser is also a great option but becomes a very high maintenance solution.

Tape in extensions are fantastic. They are cheaper and you can get amazing quality hair. They don't really last as long as they fall out easier but that just means they aren't putting very much strain on the follicles at all. They also don't matt up and are a low maintenance option.

Weaves.  These are my favourites. They always look natural. Depending on the quality of the hair you buy and who sews them in they can last a very long time. They can strain your follicles in a concentrated area as you are  getting the weft re-sewn to a tightly braided area under your crown every 6 weeks. Prices vary depending on the quality of the hair and the experience of the hairdresser who applies them.

Lastly is the cheapest, easiest, longest lasting and low maintenance option. Clip in wefts. You can buy a pack of one or two great quality wefts with clips attached for under $350. They aren't permanently sewn or bonded to your hair and you can clip them in and take them out whenever you please. They are easy to style as you can clip them to a hanger and straighten or curl them out of your hair before you attach them. You can wear them for special occasions only so no damage or strain ever comes to your scalp or follicles. No commitment necessary. And depending on how well you look after them and how often you wear them, they can last years.

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