Friday, 17 February 2012

DIY Bouncy Blowdry

Like a Big, luxurious bouncy blow-dry but don't want to spend loads at the hairdresser?

Here is a fool proof way to DIY

Tools you will need:
-Shampoo and conditioner
-A volumising product
-A large brissle/paddle brush
-A hairdryer
-A tail comb
-A butterfly clip
-A set of hot rollers

1. First you need good products. Washing your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner. 

2. Switch on your hot roller set

 3. Then towel dry and spreay some Sea Salt Spray into the roots and massage it in evenly with your fingers. 

4. Now tip your head upside down and blow-dry with a powerful hair dryer (the best one on the market is a Parlux brand dryer). Blow-dry until dry then flip your head back upright and brush out the knots. Feel through the hair to make sure the hair is bone dry everywhere. 

5. If you have quite curly frizzy hair and it has now been turned into a wildly frizzy afro, go over it gently with a hair straightener, mainly in the fizziest areas like the roots near the hairline. (Don't flatten it out, just get it a little smoother)

6. Then using the larger rollers in your hot roller set, take one and start at the top of your head at the hairline taking a section about 2" deep and 3" wide and roll in your first roller. If you've never used hot rollers before practice with velcro rollers first. Elevate the section of hair all the way into the air and brush it smooth. then wrap the hair around the roller in the direction away from your face. Clip it in place with a butterfly clip or clips provided in the set once you've rolled all the way to the scalp.

7. Continue this in the same sized sections always rolling away from the face and when you get to the back of the head then you can start rolling the downwards, never upwards.

8. Leave the rollers in your hair around 20 minutes or until cool and the take them out.

9. Tip your head upside down again and gently shake your hair from the roots with your fingers. Then flip back upright and find your part and spray some hair-spary to hold it in place.

Now your have a fabulous bouncy blow-dry that will last through the night and hopefully a few days too

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