Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hair Colour Damage

Most of the time when I have a new client book an appointment with me it’s for colour correction. They have either put in a home colour, changed their colour so many times with different hairdressers that their colour has become messy, or a disaster has happened in a salon through a miss communication or chemical over processing. Most of the time I can fix this problem without further damage to the hair in one service alone. There are other times however, when the hair is so damaged that it becomes a progressive series of services over many months which will finally result in the colour and condition desired.

The best tips I can give are for avoiding this problem:
1. Steer clear of DIY home colour jobs 
2. Know what colours you love on yourself and what suits you best
3. Find a hairdresser who understands you, your hair, your personality and style. I always need to feel a connection with my client and know that we’re on the same page
4. Take photos of colours you like on other people or yourself, or from magazines. Its so much easier to understand what you want when theres visual description. In salon colour swatches make it hard to imagine the final result sometimes
5. If your hairdresser is getting it right, stick with them
6. Avoid changing your hair colour impulsively unless you certain you will like it
7. When changing your hair colour dramatically, know the process of changing it back again. If you don't like it, it may be more damaging to return to the original.
8. Commit to a dramatic change, changing back and forth, back and forth just as impulsively can be extremely damaging, not to mention you'll find it difficult to get the result you want. Its another disaster and mess waiting to happen.

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